August 2017 - ICS won Telephone Systems Service and Support IT Core Service Division contract from MEPCOM. XSi, 1PASS and Black Box are teamed up with ICS and providing telephone maintenance at 50 MEPCOM locations in CONUS.

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Current Partners and Contracts

ICS currently holds several government and private contracts with various administrations and businesses that range in size. The following are some of the contracts ICS and itspartners hold. These contracts show how ICS implements IT consulting and integration services while also displaying what the company is capable of performing. These descriptions of partnerships and contracts exhibit the scope of ICS’ work.

  Some partners and agencies include: STG, Concept Solutions, US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and General Dynamics



With STG, ICS provides Army CIS IT Support the Office of the Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel (AG-1(CP)), Civilian Information Services Division (CISD). The AG-1(CP) is responsible for supporting the Civilian Human Resource Agency (CHRA) and managing program and policy development of effective career management of civilian employees.

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ICS has partnered with Concept Solutions for this Non-combatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) contract for the Federal Aviation Administration. ICS is responsible for network and systems investigation, design, testing, and evaluation. With Concept Solutions, ICS works to find solutions that will optimize network and system design performance.

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ICS currently holds a contract with the US Department of Homeland Security under which it designed and implemented an Information Assurance (IA) Automated Compliance Tool for the use of the DHS and DHS Components. The IA Compliance Tool’s purpose is to develop, store, process, track, review and manage security authorization artifacts, weaknesses and overall information system security data for the DHS while also being flexible towards changing security requirements and performance metrics.

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ICS is under a C4I contract with GDIT in which the company develops and implements C4I Solutions. Technical analyses, quality control (QC) inspections, and Security Test & Evaluation (ST&E) are a few of ICS’ responsibilities. Its main role is to implement, integrate, test, complete, and follow-up on C4I Solutions provided to customers.

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