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Current Partners and Contracts:

ICS currently holds several government and private contracts with various administrations and businesses that range in size. The following are some of the contracts ICS and its partners hold. These contracts show how ICS implements IT consulting and integration services while also displaying what the company is capable of performing. These descriptions of partnerships and contracts exhibit the scope of ICS’ work. 

Records Management and Information Technology Support Services (RMITSS)

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA) Records Management and Information Technology  Support Services (RMITSS) Contract, to be awarded under this solicitation, will be a Firm fixed Price contract valid for a period of three years and three months.  The scope of this contract will include records management, data management, information technology support, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) support.

US Military Entrance Processing Command - PBX Maintenance Support

USMEPCOM’s current telephone and voicemail systems has reached its end-of-life and requires replacing the existing systems. USMEPCOM requires the expertise of industry to provide current telecommunications technology to meet current and future demand. Systems in use may include Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), and other obscure systems, and various voicemail/answering systems.


ICS is under a C4I contract with GDIT in which the company develops and implements C4I Solutions. Technical analyses, quality control (QC) inspections, and Security Test & Evaluation (ST&E) are a few of ICS’ responsibilities. Its main role is to implement, integrate, test, complete, and follow-up on C4I Solutions provided to customers.

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SHCPS2 - SuprTek

ICS is under a SHCPS2 contract with SuprTek at Fort Belvoir supporting US Army AG1 Civilian Personnel.

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